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Images: In Context! For Windows

Images: In Context! is a powerful, but easy to use image utility giving you more than 70 amazing image effects and tools - all available by just right cliking on your photos in Windows.

Images: In Context! Feature Description: Bevel Image Edges

The Bevel Edges effect puts a nice, stylized angled edge around your image, making it appear to leap off the screen. By default, the top and left edges are highlighted, while the right and bottom edges are shadowed. This can be changed by adjusting the Top/Left and Bottom/Right sliders. These sliders determine how light/dark the edges will be. Zero constitunes totally darkened while 255 constitutes totally lightened. You can change the width of the bevel effect (how far it travels into the picture toward the center) with the Bevel Width slider. You can make the bevel appear to be anywhere in the range of hard eged (Bevel Smoothing = 0) to very soft edged (Bevel Smoothing = 500). Bevel Smoothing is at 200, by default.

Bevel Edges

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