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Images: In Context! For Windows

Images: In Context! is a powerful, but easy to use image utility giving you more than 70 amazing image effects and tools - all available by just right cliking on your photos in Windows.

Images: In Context! Feature Description: Convert Image

This command allows you to convert an image of one type to an image of another. Image types are typically good at one thing. For instance, GIF files are good for showing images with fewer solid colors like clipart, while JPEGs are good at showing many different dithered colors, like photographs. Each has its strong point, and generally, using the right format for the right image can result in a file that is much smaller and more pleasing to the eye. Here is a breakdown of the filetypes supported by Images: In Context!:

Windows Bitmap (BMP): Small photographs or images
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF): Line-art, clipart, animations, images with a transparent color
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG): Photographic images, images with large amounts of dithered colors
PC Paintbrush Image (PCX): Small photographs or images (similar to a bitmap)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG): Supports compression for both photographs and line art. Some support for alpha channels.
Targa File (TGA): Small photographs or images (similar to a bitmap)
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF): Images and line drawings. Supports multi-paged images. Used frequently in fax programs.
Wireless Bitmap (WBMP): Used in mobile phone applications. Use on phone-enabled websites, or to upload pictures to your phone.

When converting a file, Images: In Context! will prompt you for a new filename. By default, the new filename is "Copy of <original name>.<ext>". To save this file without changing the name, just hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the Save button with your mouse.

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