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Images: In Context! For Windows

Images: In Context! is a powerful, but easy to use image utility giving you more than 70 amazing image effects and tools - all available by just right cliking on your photos in Windows.

Images: In Context! Feature Description: Spin / Twirl Image

The Spin Effect literally spins the pixels of your image around the effect center, creating a "twisted" image. The Maximum Radius slider controls the maximum distance from the center of the effect to affect the image. The Angle slider indicates how far around to twist the image. The X Offset and Y Offset controls indicate the center point of the effect, around which the other pixels are twisted. You can check the Ripple box to add Ripples and refraction (resembling a whirlpool in water) to the image. The Strength setting specifies the strength of the refraction.

Spin / Twirl Image

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